Production of computer accessories in the phone application

Plasma technology in mobile phones and other digital products, computer application is mainly used for bonding, cleaning, printing, painting and other pre-treatment.

We use every day phone, the screen bonding, computer keyboard or other digital products, silicone and plastic buttons when used in combination, if carried out directly with glue or adhesive cementation is no strength, no treatment has been unable to substrate surface tension up to the required value of glue, if the adhesive before the device via the adhesive surface, plasma surface modification treatment, it can greatly improve the surface adhesion.

Also mobile phones, laptops are also used to decorate ornate exterior materials, including Kao paint, painting, plating the most popular character.

These processes upscale in appearance gives a gorgeous beauty, highlighting the phone’s texture, it also brings a good feeling, but if these housings without any treatment directly Kao paint, painting, plating, use a long time, the surface of the adhesion gradually weakened, the phenomenon appears off or paint chips.

However, the use of plasma technology in Kao paint, painting, plating shell of these products before a plasma surface cleaning, activation, to improve the material surface penetration and absorption edge, you can ensure that the quality of subsequent coating process.