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Gluing paper refers to the method by bonding formation of the desired shape of packaging products, such as toothpaste boxes, wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, gift boxes and so on. In the modern packaging materials, paper packaging undoubtedly beyond plastic, metal and glass, as the largest proportion of the fastest growing packaging production.

In modern society, packaging process, packaging cartons often be doing some surface decoration, such as color printing, UV oil on the floor, covered with a layer film. That help to improve the product packaging waterproof function to ensure prints in circulation from scratches, while boutique packaging can also stimulate the attention of consumers, improve product added value.

Complex surface decoration brought trouble to paste boxes, many manufacturers produce UV reflecting its box, covered box, if not grinding machine for UV products that do pre-polished, coated product line will advance to fight tooth bonding, then, Less than two weeks will be open plastic off phenomenon. Then, for a long time engaged in the packaging industry are aware, with the grinding machine pre-polished, pre-fight tooth line, although some success, but not the best way, there will be the following problem.

⑴ paper dust generated by grinding machine, paper hair will “flying” on the folder gluer pollute the surrounding environment, while affecting the health of workers, throat and lungs.

⑵ grinding machine grinding wheel movement direction and the product is running in the opposite direction, forces affecting productivity.

⑶ large covered products can be used to fight tooth line approach, but the product can not be used for locket.

⑷ playing cutter knife version line will increase the cost, if not high-grade glue paste boxes, process problems still occur.

Eastcom Shenzhen Hi-Tech Automation Equipment Co., plasma production gluing equipment online for gluing area plasma processing, effective solution to the problem of open plastic packaging can be for a variety of packaging materials for surface treatment, so that the surface tension from the treatment less than 32 dyne prior to, up to more than 46 dyne, the device after the plasma treatment, the treated material can be easily attached to the surface layer of high strength and uniform bonding layer.

Allows you to abandon the laminating adhesive, UV glue, or other high-end price, with ordinary water-based white latex adhesive can be permanently guaranteed quality.

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