Ultrasonic cleaning machine in a variety of fields of application

Ultrasonic cleaning with a cleaning chemical or other physical superiority, widely used in the electronics industry, service industry, carbide industry, laboratories, machinery industry, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and many other fields, following a brief introduction to individual industries.

1, the application of ultrasound in the powder industry

As we all know, to get particles of different sizes, is placed in the ball mill for crushing material, after screening of different specifications sieve layers obtained. After prolonged use of a sieve, sieve will be blocked (such as diamond mesh), using other methods brushing will destroy sieve, and the result is not satisfactory, after many manufacturers test, ultrasonic cleaning, is not damaged sieve and top sieve particles are recovered completely blocked.

2, the ultrasonic cleaning of the filter

We know that no matter what kind of material filters or whatever purpose filters, used for some time, will reduce the permeability of the impurities caused scrapped, ordinary filter can lower prices, but for the chemical industry, a only import filter, the price of nearly million, abandoned a pity that we developed in cooperation with other research institutes ultrasonic filter cleaning machine, using shaped ultrasonic cleaning machine, which can put more than 1KW energy concentrated in the 200 × 20mm2 radiating on ultrasonic intensity, can quickly clog removal, while equipment using anti-filtering device, as long as you wave the core, we can provide you with complete cleaning device. (The filter device of a washing time is 10-15 minutes). For PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic hollow fiber membrane cartridge filter.

3, ultrasonic cleaning technology in phosphate processing applications

Product spraying pre-treatment process is very important, the general use of the traditional process of acid treatment of the workpiece, severe environmental pollution, poor working environment, meanwhile, the biggest drawback is that the structure of complex parts residue after acid pickling rust is difficult rinse. After spraying the workpiece, the time is not long, along the crevice corrosion phenomena occur, destroying the coating surface, seriously affect the appearance and internal quality. Ultrasonic cleaning technology applied to the coating pre-treatment, not only make the surfaces and crevices in the dirt quickly falling off, and spray coating parts firm will not return to rust layer.

4, in the service application

Daily production, glasses, jewelry can be cleaned using ultrasonic, fast, no damage, large hotels, restaurants use it to wash dishes, not only the cleaning effect, also has a role in killing the virus.

5, the application of ultrasound in the pharmaceutical industry

Ultrasonic cleaning technology through the application of a number of pharmaceutical companies are widely used, particularly for vials, oral liquid bottles, ampoules, infusion bottles as well Dingjijiaose cleaning, cleaning of natural rubber plug, it has already got approval. For bottles of cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cleaning technology instead of the original brush machine, it passes flip water, ultrasonic cleaning, rinse inside and outside, the air dry, flip and other processes and achieve.

6, ultrasonic cleaning of metals

As we all know, the metal bars by extrusion into the wire, the metal wire is often a layer of carbonized outer membrane and oil, acid cleaning, or other cleaning methods, it is difficult to remove dirt (in particular, the whole plate wire), ultrasonic washing machine is a wire According to the actual production needs and design of a continuous wire walking, efficient cleaning equipment, rough wash part by cleaning fluid storage tank, transducer, circulating pumps, filters and matching piping system components, wire rough cleaning by ultrasonic washing fine , and then after drying, thereby to complete the cleaning process. Integrated control package of equipment, simple, easy, effective, widely used tantalum wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, niobium wire, copper wire (insulated paint coating before) and other metal wire.