Welding equipment: ultrasonic welding technology in the packaging industry in the application stationery

According to the experiment that the majority of the thermoplastic packaging are sealed in the traditional way replaced by ultrasonic welding. Eastcom ultrasound ultrasonic welding field by virtue of its 15 years of experience in the packaging industry to provide ultrasonic welding solutions.

Ultrasonic bring the packaging industry advantages:

1, greatly shorten the processing time, the bonding between the plastic can be completed within a few milliseconds;

2, the application of ultrasonic processing, cleaning process, stability and reliability, and low energy consumption;

3, the ultrasonic energy is only in the precise area to be welded will be consumed, efficient, and economical;

4, the operation process without preheating and thermal insulation; using ultrasound does not produce excess heat;

5, without the use of expensive and easily contaminated auxiliary products, such as adhesives, fasteners or adhesives; processed friendly and recyclable packaging;

6, through the dirt (such as liquid, oil, powder, etc.) without affecting the seal weld welding effect;

7, easy to use ultrasound equipment and its components in an automated production environment, and is compatible with material handling systems;

8, microprocessor-based control unit or customized, the device can be accurately set, and the parameter storage and memory through rapid adjustment; advanced control and alarm system ensures the optimum operation and the output!