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Body Transformations


I trained with Ru for just over a month and I must say before starting training I was a lot more lethargic. I used to struggle a bit with sleep and my energy levels throughout the day. The first couple of weeks were very interesting, as the nutrition plan was a complete change. It took away some of my habitual choices and replaced them with some healthy meals which I've now become used to enjoying.

I look forward to my meals, because they still taste great, and they make me feel much more energetic. I probably have to go buy some new clothes, given that a lot of my older clothes don't really fit so well anymore. I lost 10 pounds and 3 inches off my waist in just one month!

I generally feel a lot happier, sleep a lot better and just have a lot more energy and that helps in keeping up with my son. It has been a great programme, and I've changed a lot of things for good. Thank you Ru!


Before I started training I felt sluggish, I had absolutely no energy and I felt really stressed. I wasn’t expecting my life to change as much as it has, and I’m grateful to Ru for his help because this journey has been brilliant.

Ru has taught me how to work exercise into my everyday life, instead of it being a chore. It is just part of my routine now. He’s helped me achieve things I never thought were possible – I lost 2.5 stone and 5.5 inches off my waist and also completed a half-marathon. Plus the fact that all this time I was seeing Ru only once every other week. It's not about how many sessions you take. It's the fully personalised programme that delivers results!

I have so much more energy, and I feel so much more positive about everything. My work has just gone through the roof! I have absolutely enjoyed every single minute. Thank you so much!



I started to look for personal trainer because I wasn't happy with my body shape and I wasn't happy with the weight I put on a few years ago. I wasn't able to get much progress although I tried many times to go on a diet and do a bit of exercise. Then I finally contacted Ru to lose some weight and also to probably improve my posture and get a better body shape.

While training with Ru within 4 months I lost 10 kg and 6 inches off my waist. I also have a much better posture and I feel generally much, much better and much happier with the way I look. Definitely a lot of people around me have noticed the change. I feel great!! I mean I had a problem tying my shoes before training… I was out of breath literally every time I had to tie my shoes! Whereas now I can run up three or four flights of stairs like it’s no big deal.

I was surprised how easy it was to lose weight, because without knowing what to do it can be very frustrating. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about training and nutrition, and I will continue to get better and lose a bit more weight and achieve an even better body shape.



When I was in college I was in pretty good shape.  I used to run marathons and enjoyed distance cycling.  But as time has gone on my exercise routine has dwindled.  Work, family and just getting things done seem to steal time from working out.  I kept thinking that I would eventually refocus on fitness … but somehow that did not happen for years.

As I’ve passed 50 I have realized that there is not much time left to wait for “eventually”.  I have been feeling worse and worse about my body and about my general physical condition.  I would sometimes go to the gym but had no set routine.  I’d do a few exercises, see no real results and then not return for weeks.  I felt like I needed someone to help me figure out a routine that could actually make a difference, but I was not motivated to work with any of the trainers that I’d encountered.

I was impressed with Ru from our first meeting.  He looks the part and that is inspiring.  But what really helps is that Ru has worked hard to create his body, and he knows how to take his own experience and use it to inspire and motivate others.  He is direct, intelligent, and empathetic, knowing when to push and when to encourage.  I am constantly impressed by his wide breadth of knowledge of health, fitness, nutrition, physiology and of how to motivate people.  For me it really helps to understand why I’m doing something, and Ru can both explain and demonstrate.

I started our training sessions hoping for no more than a list of exercises that would help me create a more consistent routine.  I hoped for some progress but did not actually have a clear picture of what results I could expect.

I’m writing this after only 25 days of working out with Ru three times a week, doing cardio 5 days a week, and following the diet Ru set for me.  I am amazed at the results.  For the first time in years I sleep through the night with no problems.  I have visibly lost flab in my waist, and am amazed that the tape measure proved a 2 ½” loss.  Even more incredible to me is that I can already see definition.  Tensing my leg shows a muscle that was never visible before.  I reach my arm up and can see the 1” gain in my biceps.  I look in the mirror and for the first time in my life actually have a chest.

I am still amazed by the results.  This is so much better than I expected and so motivating to me to continue.  I have had a great reaction from other people, and I already feel so much better about myself.  What I thought would be a chore has become an adventure.  This is a great start and I am totally motivated to continue.

Ru really is “The Sculptor” who took a soft 51-year-old body and somehow sculpted it out with muscles.  Even more amazing … he took a guy who had never really felt good about his body and sculpted confidence, optimism and an eagerness to keep getting better.



I was overweight, really not feeling good about myself and I knew I needed to do something serious and consistent to kick start my weight loss.

I love that although I only lost about 10-12 lbs, I lost lots of inches, which actually made me smaller and fitter. I lost 2 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips while taking only 4 sessions over a period of 8 weeks! Most importantly, I put my health first and have found balance in the way that I eat and exercise which directly affects the way I look and feel.

I get so many compliments, even a year later. I continue to feel good about myself and ecstatic that I did what I had to do and got even better results than I had anticipated. I’m proud of my achievement and I feel like a whole new me – confident, sexy and raring to go.

I feel as though I am on a mission to get everyone who needs help to do The Sculptor’s approach. It really works. I am living proof!



My life before working with Ru was a little messy, I had lost all my confidence that I used to have due to putting on a lot of weight after a singleton pregnancy and then twins. Then, to top it all off, the end of a 12 year marriage. The bubbly social person I used to be had disappeared. So I decided that enough was enough and it was time to do something about it. I wanted to get fit, change my body image and to be a yummy mummy, so it was time to find a personal trainer to help me achieve my goals and support me 100%. That was when I got in touch with Ru and my body transformation began.

I was not sure what to really expect, all I knew was that I wanted to achieve a leaner and more toned body as I had already lost four and half stone on my own. So 12 weeks ago I was ready to transform my body and lifestyle once and for all. The results are more than I ever imagined being able to achieve in a 12 week time scale. I have given 100% to my training and nutrition and have proven to myself that hard work and dedication will always give you the results if you want them bad enough, along with the right personal trainer and support.

I'm not going to lie, the training and eating have been hard work, but WOW!! I just love my new lifestyle and the results I have accomplished. The past 12 weeks have been a starting point for me as now I want to push myself even more and take my transformation to a whole new level. So far it has been the most amazing journey ever which has given me my confidence back and I'm so proud of my new body to go with it. So 12 weeks of hard work, commitment and dedication has been worth it all and I couldn't have done it with out the main man himself and true diamond Ru Wikmann.

So my last words I have for you all are… I TRAIN WITH THE SCULPTOR.



Before I started going to the gym, I was quite out of shape but I wasn’t too concerned about it. Only when someone told me that I’ve put on some weight I decided to take action.

My goal was losing my belly fat, and increasing muscle tone. We only had 3 sessions to show me the ropes, and Ru designed a personalised training programme and nutrition plan for me, and offered continuous support. It took some hard work and discipline, but after the first 6 weeks when I saw the difference - bodyfat 14% to 8.5%, only 1 pound lost but 1” gained on chest and 2.25” lost from waist – I was more than impressed.

I have continued working with Ru, and even though sometimes it's not easy to stay focus, Ru is always available with his expertise, it's fun to workout with him, oh and it’s harder too, but that's the goal, isn't it? :)

Right now I'm feeling more confident, full of energy and ready to live life to the fullest all thanks to Ru.



I was recovering from vocal chord surgery, which as a singer is a really big deal. A lot of the reason I needed the surgery had to do with drinking and poor eating habits so when I had to stop after surgery I just thought what better time to make a change.

I hoped to just have more energy and boost my immune system because I had a bad history of getting sick very often. And of course I wanted to tone up a bit.

I feel like I got a lot more out if this than I expected. Even after the first week I noticed I had more energy and so much more time because all my meals were planned. I only 8 weeks I lost 8 pounds and 2 inches off my waist by having a session with Ru only every other week. Now, over 5 months later I still haven't even gotten a cold. In the short amount of time that I've been training I never thought I'd look the way I do now and I love it. I finally have a butt, haha! The confidence has also carried over into my singing, which has been the biggest reward of all for me.



I really enjoyed training with Ru. In 3 months I had the most amazing transformation of my life, as I lost 16 pounds and almost 3 inches off my waist while training with Ru only once every 2 weeks. At the same time it was all very enjoyable, because, thanks to the nutrition plan Ru designed, I didn’t starve myself. It was nothing like traditional dieting – being angry and sleepy all the time. It was actually really pleasant because I was enjoying the foods on my plan.

I also started really enjoying exercise, and that has never happened in my life, because I wasn’t into fitness at all. I’m really grateful to Ru, not only because of the weight lost, but also because of acquired confidence, and the way it makes me feel. I can finally go shopping for clothes, and find that everything fits perfectly!

All the support I got from Ru throughout my transformation was very helpful. I could reach out to him via email or text any time I had some questions. Also, his Facebook page and blog provides some great tips, motivation and inspiration. The truly personalised approach he provides is amazing, and I highly recommend Ru to anyone who wants to look great and feel happy.



Before I started training with Ru, I did not diet properly. I didn't really have a clue about healthy nutrition and what I needed to eat to raise my metabolism. As a result, I put on 4.5kg weight in 8 months, although I went to gym regularly. I was making a great effort at the gym but getting no progress, only gaining more fat. That was very frustrating.

One of my friends recommended personal training with Ru, as he has a reputation of getting people in terrific shape in a very short space of time. I managed to lose 4.5kg weight in only one month! I got back to where I was before in regards to weight, and I now have a better body shape with inches off my waist and legs. I'm really happy about the achievement, and I would definitely recommend Ru to anyone who's looking for fast results, and being able to maintain the shape with just a few changes in training and nutrition.



I’ve been going to the gym on and off over the last 2-3 years and usually around winter I end up taking a break with the seasonal flu & the cold wet weather!

Anyway I decided last winter that I didn’t want to continue that trend and booked a session with a personal trainer (PT) – Ru Wikmann. He created a personalized diet and training plan and over an intense 4 week period he put me through my paces, the results were quite impressive to say the least especially as I didn’t think there would be that much of a difference after 4 weeks, but there was.

My muscles are more defined and everyone’s commenting on how toned I look, I lost 2kg in weight and my waist has dropped down to 31.5” from 34”

I’ve continued with the training plan and the diet which requires you to have a few small meals during the day, so I’ve had to be quite disciplined with not trying to snack on treats and also making sure I cook over the weekend so I can pack my food for work. However, this is what delivers results, and we all know that you can't have something for nothing, hence, I'm willing to be organised and put in the effort.

If you haven’t tried a PT before I definitely would recommend you try one and a very good one at that as you will love the experience. Ru is definitely one of the good ones and I will have some more follow up sessions with him.



Before I started training with Ru I was already going to the gym and I thought I was fairly fit but wanted to take it to the next level. So I got in touch with Ru and it REALLY is the next level. If you commit to his programme, it completely changes your life.

I’ve changed my eating habits, I workout in a different and more effective way, I’ve come to understand how to use weights and resistance exercises. It’s not easy! But it’s fantastic, and you feel really good. My body is now in the best shape since I was about 17 – I lost 8 pounds and 2 inches off my waist in only 2 months, all while training with Ru only once every 2 weeks. People have started to comment on how I look, and have been inspired by my healthy lifestyle, which is great!

Just do it. Commit to it. Have a go and transform your body because it’s going to make you feel so good.



4 months ago I decided that I wanted to take my training to the next level. To that point I had not had a clear goal or focus, but I felt I was ready to challenge myself and my body in order to change my lifestyle. My goals were to gain some lean weight, not only to achieve a desired look but also to gain a more robust and strong physique. Along with that, I felt that a focused and structured training program may be of help in dealing with various stress factors.

Ru developed a very personalized training regime for me along with a very detailed diet and supplement scheme for the first 4 months. I have just completed this and with the dedicated professional support, training and guidance from Ru I have managed to achieve the desired results - gained 3 kg while lowering my body fat, so I’ve added some visually appealing muscle.

Training with Ru is a life-changing experience that has motivated me to get into training in a way I never thought I could or would do. His approach is challenging and requires a high-level of effort, but he delivers on his promises! I'm very happy with my results, and not only do I feel stronger, fit and more healthy, I have never received so many compliments for my looks as I do now!!  I have just started the next 4 months of toning and I'm excited to see what I can achieve during that time!



Before I started working with Ru my life was quite stressful and my energy levels went up and down a lot. I relied a lot on coffee and sugar to get me through the day although I did exercise a lot by cycling to work. I found it hard to fall asleep. I wasn't overweight but I wasn't happy with my body either. I didn't enjoy sports or exercise when I was young and found working out a bit of a chore as an adult. My workout regimes were inconsistent and I often found myself hitting a plateau.

I'll be honest I didn't actually have a clear idea of what I expected to achieve, but I knew that by committing to a path with consistent support that I would be able to focus and get a result in the first place! I think I wanted to add more muscle to my body; that was my main aim.

Ru's impressive in-depth knowledge about nutrition, muscle, fitness and wellbeing are married to a work-hard attitude and humour that delivers real, tangible, quantifiable results for his clients. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ru to anyone who is looking to make transformative choices for their body and mind.

I'm really happy with the results and I'm a little surprised as well if I'm honest! I managed to add 3kg of muscle and lose 1.5" off my waist in 4 months, and I'm starting to think more and more about what I can achieve in the long run by continuing with this progress.



After a tiresome search for about a year for a personal trainer I came across Ru. I was looking for someone that would help me achieve my ultimate goal which is getting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a holistic perspective.  I wanted an exercise and nutrition plan that actually worked! With little faith instilled in me from previous personal training I took the plunge and started training with Ru.

He devised a personalised and detailed nutrition and exercise plan for me. Challenging as it looked at the time I took his advice and followed it through. This was also a challenge for him since I was his first vegetarian client.  Week one passed and I noticed significant changes like increase energy levels and exercise tolerance. Gradual progression throughout the weeks that followed was enough to keep me motivated and even more so when all my friends started noticing the changes too. I managed to lose 4.5 inches off my waist in 6 weeks!!

During training sessions Ru made sure I had the right technique and kept an eye out for progression. He is professional, easy to talk to and with his moral support I was able to follow through with the exercise plan between training sessions with him.  I feel great, the results are visible and I can say he is the best personal trainer I have trained with.  With his dedication and support I am now a lot closer to achieving my goals.



I used to go to the gym even before working out with Ru, and I managed to gain quite a bit of “bulk”. Still I felt that despite the progress that I made, my body was quite soft, and I didn’t have much muscle definition. I was not getting the results I desired probably because of bad diet and poor exercise technique in the gym.

After starting to train with Ru I learned a lot in regards to nutrition and exercise technique which helped me to achieve some excellent results, I felt more focused and energized and could see a very noticeable change in just 6 weeks, having just 3 sessions. There is a long way to go but now I have a much better understanding of the routines and diet plans to follow to get even better results in the future. I highly recommend Ru to anyone who wants to get rapid results.