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Why Are Some People Not Bothered About Being Fat?

Oct 23, 2012  |  Category: Mindset

It’s funny how some people almost consider “fat” a swear word. I don’t mean to be rude when describing someone in that fashion, I just prefer to call it as I see it, and I think some of us are way too sensitive to it. It’s totally subjective, and everyone got their own perception. Fitness professionals (including me) often feel fat if they don’t have a visible six-pack. To some the goal may be a flat belly with no flab and love handles hanging over the belt. Others, however, are happy as long as they can tie their own shoelaces and not have to pay for two seats on a flight.

I can understand some people having no issue in being overweight. Even some celebs are known to be completely comfortable with it. For example, Christina Aguilera has gained a lot of weight recently but is not thinking about losing it. To some, the idea of breaking away from the ideals of beauty portrayed in the media can be liberating. Also, maintaining the weight, i.e. as long as it isn't constantly increasing, is fine to some. It’s really a reflection of the person’s self-image, and the standards we set for ourselves.

Sometimes priorities change, also changing the person’s perception. What wasn’t fat before may become obese, and vice versa. You may have some bad news from your doctor about high blood pressure or cholesterol, or a remark from your friend may prompt you to do something about that excess fat. However, it is quite common for recently married couples to do the opposite – they let themselves go due to not having to worry about finding a partner, they have kids, use that as another excuse, and accept the image portrayed by the average middle-aged person with a family. Someone else may just bury himself or herself in work, focus on career and acquiring wealth, and forget to make time for health & fitness.

The truth is – fat loss without a question offers too many benefits to be disregarded. Whether you’re concerned about better health, better movement, improving productivity at work, or finding a sexual partner, not having excess body fat and obtaining a respectable level of fitness will help you achieve that. People who are extremely overweight and say they are happy with it, are lying, to themselves as much as anybody. It's a mixture of them being defensive and insecure, as well as trying to justify their actions to themselves in order to feel less guilty.

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