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Train Until You Puke? -.- Bad Idea

Oct 18, 2012  |  Category: Training

Have you ever felt sick during a workout? Some hardcore bodybuilders think that you haven’t trained hard enough if you don’t feel sick after a heavy leg day. Also some CrossFit junkies say it’s completely normal to leave your pre-workout meal on the pavement after an all-out session. Really??

Of course, a certain amount of fatigue is normal and expected when you train. However, training until you puke works against your ultimate goal and will be counterproductive. As you get fitter, your limits will expand. You have to see that fine line between safely pushing through a hard workout and pushing so hard you throw-up. While you should challenge yourself, you should never train so hard that you vomit. By losing valuable nutrients you would lose much of the benefits of an awesome workout if you go too far, and muscle recovery would be impaired.

Why does it happen? If it isn’t the huge meal that you had too close to training, then most often, it is caused by the brain doing everything it can to ensure it has enough blood sugar (glucose) during periods of intense exercise. Securing that fuel may mean that the brain signals the stomach to empty its content so that the digestive system doesn’t use any of the glucose the brain needs to keep vital systems functioning.

How to prevent it?

- Avoid eating a large meal 90 minutes before a workout. Some people may need 2 hours. It really depends on your digestion rate.

- Know your limits, and listen to your body. You have to become aware of your individual signs and symptoms that you might be headed for a trip to the bathroom. You may feel dizzy, need to sit down in the middle of a workout, sick to your stomach, or have a blurred vision. These are all symptoms of overexertion.

- Stay hydrated. Proper fluid intakes are a must before and during workouts. It depends on your weight and workout intensity, but for the average person 4L of water is a good amount to aim for. Your urine should always be a pale yellow, almost clear color. If it’s not, you need to drink more water.

- If you have a trainer, you should keep an open line of communication. No matter how good he or she knows you, they can’t feel what you are feeling. Let them know how you’re doing throughout your workout.

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