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Small Changes, Big Gains?

Jun 28, 2012  |  Category: Mindset

It’s time some people get serious. Health and fitness are going to add a lot of QUALITY years to your life, so why have a half-hearted attitude? The British Nutrition Foundation have compiled a list of 108 small changes that can be made and which together can have a big impact on weight. That’s what they claim anyway. Have a look at the report here.

I totally agree on the classification. There are lots of factors that will affect a would-be dieter in different parts of their life. And grouping these issues in different categories can help dealing with them efficiently in a holistic way. However, the way to deal with them in some areas and degree of action required is something I can’t agree on. 61% of adults in the UK are overweight, and one in four is obese!! I guess we wouldn’t dispute on how serious this is. So this kind of attitude in regards to solving the problem is just like a doctor telling a patient with a fractured leg: “Well, you just need to rest it.”

Hiding the remote control and changing channels manually? What about having a structured intensive workout, and then rewarding yourself with a chilled-out evening in front of the telly WITH the remote? So that you can recover from the workout, and you’ll keep on burning calories, as long as it’s been intensive enough and you’re fuelling yourself with the right food.

Measuring out small portions of crisps, instead of eating them straight from the bag? Is that REALLY what’s going to help you?? What about finding healthy alternatives for your snacks? Or even better timing your TV with having a proper meal.

Burning extra 350 calories by fidgeting all day?? That’s it. You lost me here. This is so ridiculous; I’m not even going to comment on it.

I’d like you to consider one thing. Would you approach your career the same way? Do you think that half-hearted effort is going to make you successful? Or is it about hard work at the end of the day. And having a plan, taking action and moving towards the goal step by step.

Committed to your success,


Ru “The Sculptor” Wikmann

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