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Routine Check

Nov 13, 2012  |  Category: Training

When did you last change your training routine? If you’ve been doing the same exercises in the same order, at the same intensity, then no wonder if your progress has stalled. You may want to switch up a few variables in order to make your body responsive again, but you need to have the right strategy for every segment of every workout to successfully build your physique as quickly and safely as possible. Let’s examine some of the most common routine design faults to help you devise a better scheme.

Fault #1 Not Training Enough

Some people really think it’s enough to go to the gym once or twice per week, or attend an exercise class here or there to get in shape, although it does depend on your goals and the state your body is in at the moment. You probably know a few lucky ones who look great while not training at all, however, if you’re not happy with your shape, you better have determination and be prepared to put in some work.

Fault #2 Overtraining

This is a much less common trait. However, under-resting and under-eating is mistake we’ve all made at some point. Roadblocks to progress are rarely created by intensity or volume. Instead, the common culprit is the failure to recuperate between workouts. You need to properly space your gym sessions to ensure full recovery – at least 72 hours between workouts for the same bodypart is a good standard, although it depends on intensity. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t train two days in a row. It depends what you train and how hard, and this is where a well designed 4 or 5 day split programme comes handy.

Fault #3 One Dimensional Workouts

It’s important to play with all the different variables when constructing an exercise programme. I always support a truly holistic approach that will not only make you look great by increasing muscle tone and burning fat, but also make you move better and stay functional. That involves a good stretching regimen, focused on correcting asymmetries in your biomechanics, use of foam roller, massage, etc. Don’t forget about cardio too, if fat loss is the main goal. Schedule some steady-rate cardio and high intensity intervals; they each got benefits of their own. It’s also important to use intensity boosting techniques and various rep ranges for exercises.  And don’t fall in love with an exercise routine – it will not work forever.

Whether you need to update your existing training programme or you haven’t started training yet, don’t just sit around and wait for some magic to happen. Do something about it!! And let me know if you need any help.

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