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Kilimanjaro Summit

Jan 7, 2016  |  Category: Mindset

I climbed Kili before it killed me.

High altitude is no joke. I really started to feel the effects from 4000 metres and above.

When your lungs feel like they've been tied in a knot...

When headache feels like your head is going to explode...

When every step is a struggle...

When the blisters on your toes feel like torture...

When every cell in your body is telling you to turn back...

What do you do?

Do you give in to the pain?

Do you crumble?

Do you retreat and go lick your wounds...

Or do you keep climbing until you reach the summit or collapse?

Only you can make this decision. No one is going to carry you. Make it happen or accept the defeat. Either way, you’re responsible.

If it's important, you will persevere. If it's not, you will resign.

The choice is yours.

Now go get it... if you REALLY want it.

What ever it is that you want from 2016 is not going to just come to you. You’ll have to get dirty. You’ll have to pour some sweat. You’ll have to deal with stress, pain and disappointment. You may just have to die and be reborn in some way. This, as I feel, is what happened to me on my Kilimanjaro adventure.

Just remember one thing… No pressure, no diamonds :)

You must challenge yourself and embrace the obstacles thrown at you. This is the only way GROWTH can occur.

If health, fitness and a resourceful state of mind are priorities for you this year, I will do my best to help you stay on track. There is lots of content that I’m planning to release in the form of blog posts and videos, be it informational or inspirational. If you enjoy it, let me know! If it’s not for you, I’m sure you know where to find the unsubscribe button.

Either way I’d like to encourage you to live big, live free, and live on purpose. In the words of Helen Keller, life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

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