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Kilimanjaro Dreams

Oct 21, 2015  |  Category: Mindset

We can only discover our true potential if we make the effort to go over our pre-conceived limits. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

The biggest challenge for me this year is the charity fundraising project Kilimanjaro Dreams. I’ve never climbed a mountain before, and I’m inexperienced at fundraising, nevertheless, I’ve committed to take part in this just two months from now.

The Red Rubber Ball Foundation philosophy is to educate and inspire people to become leaders and break free from the situation they find themselves in, and in turn inspire others to do the same, especially in Kenya. Currently Red Rubber Ball has 62 students in education that would not be without private funding. The 62 are from different communities in Kenya, some are from the well known (perhaps for the wrong reasons) Kibera slums.

RRB is embarking on a new leadership programme.  Out of the 62 students, 15 have been selected to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with 15 adults from UK, including me. We’re departing on 27th December 2015. There is nothing special about the 15 of us from UK except that we are all passionate about The Red Rubber Ball cause. We have little climbing/walking/camping/roughing it experience between us.

The objective for the selected 15 students is that they will lead and inspire others in their community, and will often lead the way on the mountain I am sure. Following this, they will be encouraged and resourced to lead other leadership programmes in their communities.

Sadly, none of this comes cheap. I am asking for sponsorship specifically for the Kilimanjaro initiative. Your contribution helps to pay for the youngsters to do the climb, and in turn inspire their communities to create positive change. If we raise more than is targeted, it could help pay for other initiatives in the future.

If you’d like to contribute, please follow the link below:

I understand you receive lots of sponsorship requests, so if you can’t or don’t want to contribute, perhaps you could help me by watching the 4 minute video by clicking here or by sending this email to someone who might be interested in the foundation or sponsoring a child’s education.

Many thanks in advance for any words of encouragement and/or your contributions. Every £30+ donation comes with an opportunity to attend one of the charity boot camp sessions lead by me in a private members health club in King’s Cross, London (by the end of 2015).

I will keep my Facebook updated during the climb so please 'like' my athlete’s page if you want to see that.

Also, I will create a high quality video log for my YouTube channel, documenting the trip.

Lastly, everyone who’s donated will receive an e-card from Kilimanjaro signed by the Kenyan students and myself.

"Give a man fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for life."



P.S. Many people from all parts of my life have said I need to include them on any future sponsorship requests, so this time I have not excluded anyone in an attempt to raise as much as possible. Please DO NOT feel obliged to support, only if you want to. Even if you just write a comment with a few words of encouragement, it would be much appreciated.




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