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How Bad Do You Want It?

Feb 1, 2013  |  Category: Mindset

1/12 of 2013 has gone. Hopefully you have a vision of what you’d like to achieve and experience this year. Have you managed to stay on track while moving towards your goals? My client Jen has a great ambition. She started training with me one month ago, when she decided that she’d like to look her absolute best in a skimpy outfit dancing and having the time of her life at the Notting Hill Carnival end of the summer. With her permission I’d like to share an email she wrote first week into her training programme:

“Wow, so what can I say, first week of new lifestyle nearly done.

The low point was definitely Friday night after pre-brekkie run, an 11hr day at work and the thigh buster weights you've got me doing. Tried to open a tin of tuna as part of dinner #2 only to fail spectacularly and ended up gazing wistfully at a tin of tuna with lots of stab holes in but no tuna coming out. So annoying. Then went to shops to get yet more chicken to cook, and opted for stairs instead of lift but tripped up and fell over coz my legs were still all wobbly. Rubbish.

But aside from my moment of hungry, wobbly despair at the bottom of my staircase it's been really good. The nutrition plan is not as hard to follow as I'd thought now that I've got myself organised, and everyone at work thinks its hilarious but they're very supportive. The early morning runs are lovely and the aches are not too extreme. Yet.”

That’s a great display of positive mental attitude combined with a burning desire to succeed. Now Jen is even happier because in exactly 4 weeks she has lost 4 pounds, 4% body fat, 1” off waist and 1.5” off each leg.

Ask yourself – how bad you want it? How much effort you are willing to put in? What’s your desired outcome, and what are you willing to give in return? If you find the balance between these things, get excited about the journey and not just the destination, and just go for it… there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be successful.

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