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Have Your Cake And Eat It

Sep 7, 2016  |  Category: Podcast

People will always tell you that you can't have your cake and eat it... that you shouldn't want more than you can't handle... that you can't have it both ways.

It's not always true. When it comes to fitness, you already know that seeing results will require some sacrifices. Nevertheless, the common view is that you have to give up your life just to look good / be healthy.

In reality it's just a self-limiting belief - a convenient excuse to stay on the couch.

Yes, you can very much enjoy your life (including the foods you like), handle your work and relationships, and still be on track to a fitter and healthier YOU.

Last weekend I was booked for an acting job in Zurich, Switzerland. Yes, apart from helping people improve their health & physique, that's what I do. And I sure as hell enjoyed myself while I was away, while still keeping fit, and being productive.

I've just uploaded an action packed travel vlog on my YouTube channel. There's some cake, swan-feeding, sightseeing, shadowboxing, and even singing in the shower :D

I'll massively appreciate it if you give it a like! And if you need any advice on how to incorporate some more cake in your own lifestyle, feel free to give me a shout.

In other news, I have recorded and published a new episode of  Shredded Brainiac podcast. Andrea Domenichini & Jon Waterlow are the hosts of their own podcast Voices In The Dark where at the moment they're focusing on Robert Greene's 48 Laws Of Power. It's about the human experience, exploring philosophy and psychology and trying to find the best ways to navigate life and improve your performance.

It all started with analysing The 48 Laws of Power, a book by Robert Greene, and they are releasing one episode on each law. Andrea's journey of self-development actually started with Neil Strauss's book The Game, which lead to some interesting discoveries.

Andrea was diagnosed with autism in his early years, hence, he had to put in extra effort just to learn to understand people and be able function in the society.

Jon talks about his background in academia, and a new project he's about to start researching the counterculture of the late Soviet Union based on poems and drawings of Azazello.

You can find it on YouTube or listen to the audio version on iTunes. Feel free to subscribe, and let me know your thoughts.

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